13 Steps To Personal Happiness

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Most of us invest so much of our time into ‘figuring things out’ and trying to conquer our environments,
success …our own worlds.
As you probably know one of the most life-changing success principles is that ‘you create your world from the inside-out.’
Let me say this again so you really focus in on it…
Whatever situation you are in right now, you have created (or accepted) it into existence first inwardly. Then it manifested in your physical world.
The difference between people, who succeed quickly and easily versus those people who succeed after a lot of hard work and tribulation, is that successful people take this principle and incorporate it into their day-to-day lifestyle.
Why do you think many successful entrepreneurs start out the day so early?
It’s not so they can work more and harder than anyone else they know.
It’s because they understand the need to have quiet and ‘plan out their day.’ Planning out your day isn’t really an outer exercise. It’s an inner one. We get quiet, we feel what needs to be done over the coming hours, and then we prioritize.
It’s ‘an inner thing’.

One of my favourite authors, who teaches this “inner thing” is Earl Nightingale.

According to him, success is directly proportional to three things:

1.   The need for what you do
2.   Your ability to do it
3.   The difficulty of replacing you

I was talking about getting-up early in the morning and settling down in a quiet place. During this time you can do many things. As I said you can plan your day, you can be thankful and grateful for what you have, you can visualise your goals and dreams. You can also say affirmations. These are the thoughts, which you are embedding into your mind for the whole day.

Below you will find a list from my personal philosophy and experiences on how to create Wealth and Happiness in your life.  They are all very easy, you can read these affirmations and once you really understand them you will start seeing incredible results.

Put your thought to work…

1) You were already born rich!
2) When you learn to let go willingly it leads to having it all
3) The Universe is full of abundance and it is always giving
4) There is an infinite supply of everything
5) Infinite patience produces immediate results
6) The more you give unconditionally the more you will have
7) All of your positive emotions (joy, love, gratitude) positively increase the flow of abundance to you
8) You don’t have to know how to get what you want, just decide what you want
9) Your desire to help others to be abundant creates more abundance for you
10) Your gratitude and appreciation for others success causes you to be more abundant and successful.
11) Wealth comes in divine timing.
12) Ask for what you want (Ask and you shall receive – Mark 11)
13) You have the wisdom within you now to have everything you want

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